Hello, I am M. Literally the letter M. My appearance has changed since my Sesame Street days. Please forgive me if my looks are quite different from how they used to be.

pan/agendered (they/them preferred pronouns but i won't get on your case if you call me 'she/her' ones)

My boyfriend is bangaraangex, and he's actually a big baby don't let him have you fooled.

I should also warn anyone following me that I post. A lot. ;;; If you don't want me spamming all over your dash, then you probably don't want to be following me.

Current biggest fandoms are Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2

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Anonymous asked:
i ship that most recent ishimaru drawing and mondo from page 5 of the mario kart comic




To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry